EFB Solution for your Homecockpit

As sometimes it is not really handy to have all your charts only on your desktop PC, you might search the same as i did. A decent EFB solution. And as most of you builders and “soon to be” builders know, is money sometimes a problem or at least a factor… thats why i have to solutions for you i personally use myself. Hope i can help you a little bit with my information on this topic… Continue reading

Are you prepared for Real World Traffic??

Hi fellow simmers,

As some of you might have seen on my facebook page or on AVSIM, there is a small little program out there, developed originally for PSX Aerowinx, which injects real world traffic into your simulator. Yes REAL WORLD / REAL TIME Traffic!!!

As i never flew with AI and always just online, to have the “ATC” experience, i have been a little sceptic, but decided to give it a try. See here below…

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