In the need for an ACARS Printer?

As a real longhaul aircraft, it has the need for an ACARS Printer.


I bought mine via Aviation Megastore in The Netherlands.

My printer is the same as a lot of you guys will have. A Brightek WH-E19. Its small, price worthy and its easy to build in. Only thing is -> Paper. Paper for this printer is not so easy to get. AVMS has some and so i ordered 15 rolls of the 80mm paper. But you wont get it in the normal stores around your corner.


Thats the photo out of the AVMS. Repainted it fits perfectly into the pedestal.

But be aware, you have to have a spare power unit. An old laptop unit or something like this is perfect for it. Reason why, there is no powerplug attached to it. So you have to attache one yourself.

Integration with Sim Avionics is working flawless.

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