My name is Marco and i am living aviation since a long time. I got lucky, that i am able to work in aviation too. I am a FAA licensed flight dispatcher with 14 years on the job right now and still every day it is something new challenging me.

Also i have been clocking several hours on a Kingair 90 and 350. But there is nothing better than the mighty B777.

First of all, we have to start of with the most important question you have to ask yourself. How much money to i want to invest and which aircraft type is my favourite!

I does not make sense to start a project like this, when you can’t afford it or if you are a huge fan and enthusiast for a DC8 and because there is no hardware available, you build a B737 and in the end you don’t like it.

So let’s start:

  • Do i have the money?
  • Do i have the space?
  • Do i have the time?
  • And the most important: Is my partner backing me up?

I did research with myself and my better half and good for me, all the points i asked myself have been answered positive.

So i started searching for one of my two favourite aircraft. One is the McDonnell Douglas MD11 and the other the Boeing 777. As i knew that there is no one out there, providing parts for the MD11, the choice has been easy and its anyhow my favourite of those two types.

So i started to plan and the story began…