I am simulating the world biggest Boeing 777 operator only.


All my flights done you can see in the map below. Also a short description of the colour meanings of the symbols.

Current accumulated data: (update 28JUL17)

  • Flighttime:    303:12 hrs
  • Blocktime:    325:29 hrs
  • Fuel used:      2’305’467 kgs
  • Miles flown:  135253 nm

Last flight:

Date Tailnbr ADEP ADES FTTime BLTime Fuel used (kg) DIST
23/07 A6-EPO CYYC LSZH 09:02 09:21 62’623 4380nm

Red AP – flown to already
Yellow AP – Scenery installed but not flown to yet
Orange AP – Freighter only – no scenery installed
Grey AP – No scenery installed or available
Turquois – No scenery installed or available but flown to already