Upcoming Hardware

As ones cockpit is never perfect and finished until you reached this feeling, same when Homer Simpson see a donut! Thats why i am already planning ahead and here is my upcoming stuff. This will be introduced into my cockpit this year.

A cockpit is no cockpit if you dont have a decent overhead panel. Luckily FDS was eager on building one and offering to their many 777 clients outthere, waiting for such a thing. And the only thing i can say is. That is one completely insane thing.

FDS B777 MX Overhead


And because FDS are one crazy bunch of people, i decided to order the pedestal also there in this year. Only mine will be a little bit less or lets say. i wont order all the ingredients of this cake. 🙂

FDS PRO MX Pedestal



Photo courtesy Flightdecksolutions, Jetmax by Flightdecksolutions or myself.