Are you prepared for Real World Traffic??

Hi fellow simmers,

As some of you might have seen on my facebook page or on AVSIM, there is a small little program out there, developed originally for PSX Aerowinx, which injects real world traffic into your simulator. Yes REAL WORLD / REAL TIME Traffic!!!

As i never flew with AI and always just online, to have the “ATC” experience, i have been a little sceptic, but decided to give it a try. See here below…

First i downloaded the PSXSeecon Traffic program and VMR Generator for AI Traffic generation, developed by Nico Kaan, from his homepage



Second i went over to this page Inside Systems to download the RealTraffic for PSX program which streams the real world live traffic from the Foreflight servers into your simulator. This little addon costs 9,99- USD per year, but is definitely worth it.


Both installed and setup according to the manual, i needed to test it immediately. As i am running both program of my sim machine, i just had to rename the simconnect_networked.cfg to simconnect.cfg and set the IP address in it to

But before starting up you have to setup all the parking positions for the single airports. This is done easily by choosing the directories as shown here below. According the manual you can set a percentage which should be taken for the amount of positions. I took 100% as my PC can handle it, but for others i would suggest to go for lower.


As soon as you have done this, copy the content of the parked folder to the parked folder in the main PSX Traffic folder and you are almost good to go.

In P3D or FSX set your traffic to 0 all the way down. Because all the traffic is injected by this program and you dont need no traffic set up in your sim.

No you can start up you simulator and the programs.



That you see upon starting up PSXSeecon Traffic and RealTraffic. Once your Sim is up and running it looks like this:


You see on the right tab, parking positions in Dubai are 165 according the fetched AFCAD and currently we have 30 aircraft airborne and 143 parking on the airport.

If you turn down the percentage parked, you will have less aircraft parked on your airport.

If you are then taxiing or flying it looks like this (sorry for the quality, photos are done with my cellphone):


Approaching OMDB


Lining up for final 30L OMDB


Taxi for departure 30R OMDB



Traffic parking at the terminals in OMDB.

In conclusion i just can say, that this tool is awesome and give so much more immersion to you simulator. Thanks to Nico Kaan and Balthasar Indermuehle for their awesome programs.

I am completely fond of it and its awesome crossing the atlantic or flying into DXB with that amout of traffic.

I can only recommend those tools and tell everyone to give it a try. It is worth it.

Greetings yours Marco

9 thoughts on “Are you prepared for Real World Traffic??

  1. Hi Marco..stumbled on to your post… I have Real Traffic all set up but my problem is I get a lot of aircraft that are not being created….Not sure what to do. I notice that on your psx you have “include aircraft with invalid call signs” and “include aircraft with empty types”. I have I believe 5.13 or 1.14 beta and I don’t have that option to select.. I have P3dv3.. I have woai and was thinking of adding “my traffic6” aircraft and maybe ut2….I not sure if with ut2 aircraft version 2.10 if I can just add the models only? I know they are lasted as almost 2 letter codes (not like woai…) not sure if they are the models and vmr (the generator) will read them. Sorry to bother you but any help or point me in the right direction would be appreciated. Warmest Regards!!! Bob M.


    • Hi Bob,
      sorry for keeping you waiting, but been busy working in the last days.
      My setup has been like this. I had only the AI models of IVAO installed, so creating them with the VMR generator took all those models to generate the AI and liveries.
      I know it is working with UT2 / WOAI and MT but i for myself am happy with the AI models of IVAO as those are WOAI.
      Regarding the aircraft you got but are not created. Can you explain a little more in deep what you mean? For clarification, you will only see traffic 10nm around your AC as this is hardcoded in the SIM. No matter if FSX or P3D, this value cant be changed.
      Although you see a lot more AC on your ND.
      is that what you mean?
      Greetings Marco


      • Thanks Marco…When psx is running..I will get a message in the blue bar at bottom that say DAL869xxxxxx can’t be created…blah..blah..blah. I am using woai aircraft…I have them in :D:\SimObjects\WoAi.. but when I generate (VMR) the simobjects..and copy and past the airport? list into psx. I will get in yellow…51 invalid codes…etc..etc..etc. Is there a way to correct that or is that nothing to worry about. I know that a lot of or most have old schedules..2005/2008 etc.. Any input welcomes…Thank you Marco.. Warmest regards. Bob M.


  2. Just watched Matt Davies video on model matching for IVAO..but I guess that applies to vatsim etc..anything like that for just home users for ai traffic that will correct model matching.. I am 66..learning curve short lol.. Anyway thanks Marco..Here’s the video may have already seen it.


    • I know that video also, yes. But did all according the manual written but Nico Kaan, the developer of the program.
      I just have those IVAO models installed and that just worked like a charm.
      Apparentely there is always something different on different systems, as it is quite normal.
      If you have any problems arising or questions, just ask me. Hope i can help you.


      • Thanks Marco…guess you fly online. I watched this short video..I have a vatsim account and used vpilot to “clean up the rules..I guess but don’t know if it works offline. This kid produced a short 4 minute vid and about 2 minutes in he talks about the invalid rules and aircrafts if you want to take a peak..Thanks anyway.

        Bob M.


      • When flying with the PSX Traffic on, i only fly offline. as i have enough traffic around me then… and on this “ATC” sometimes i do not have to rely. 🙂 Its better sometimes, flying without actual online ATC but with real traffic and listening to live atc at the same time! that gives you an awesome immersion!


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